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For The People

For too long people have been separated from the very processes that they depend on to sustain themselves. The concepts of food production, water filtration, power production and even nature are foreign to a vast majority of the population. AGrow-Urbanism is a way of building and developing that brings these foreign concepts back to the people and allows local communities to provide for themselves and live a truly sustainable existence.

Bring the Food Back –  By utilizing new and innovative agroecology systems we are able to integrate whole-systems of farming, aquaculture, hydroponics and other alternative agricultural into the Architecture.  These systems are utilized to the fullest by not only serving as the primary food source for all of the local inhabitants and much of the surrounding area, but doubling as sustainable systems to help reduce the total energy consumption of the development as a whole.

Bring the Water Back –  By utilizing bio-swales, permaculture and other rain water harvesting systems we are able to utilize all watershed on the site to not only replenish on site aquaculture fish ponds, but to keep most, if not all of the local ground plants properly irrigated without the use of city utilities. By utilizing grey-water plumbing systems combined with natural wetland water filtration systems we are able to filter and clean all onsite grey-water in order to be reused throughout the development.

Bring the Power back – By utilizing renewable energies such as photovoltaics, small scale waste gasifiers, anaerobic digesters and geothermal hydronic heating and cooling we are able to produce more energy than is used within the local development which gives us the opportunity to help neighboring communities and offset their energy use as well. All inaccessible rooftop space is maximized with photovoltaic panels while lower accessible rooftops are outfitted with shallow aquaponic gardens which double as heat sinks for the units below. An on site waste gasifier allows local inhabitants to produce energy from all trash produced on site while the on site anaerobic digester creates even more energy from human and animal waste.  Finally, on site geothermal hydronic heating and cooling is utilized throughout the units and commercial areas for thermal comfort at a fraction of the energy consumption of standard HVAC systems.

Bring Nature Back – By utilizing biophilic design principles and techniques we are able to create a good habitat for people in a built environment which still satisfies their carnal need for beneficial contact and interactions with nature. By essentially exposing the very natural systems that people have become so disconnected from, such as agriculture, fishing and farming we tap into basic genetic needs that humans have to interact with nature. These beneficial interactions combined with architectural designs that utilizes natural materials, vegetative walls and roofs, ample natural lighting, and spatial harmony, provides positive psychological and spiritual stimulation.

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