The Reason

To reduce the ecological and environmental footprint of existing suburban neighborhoods and reconnect the disconnected suburban dweller to nature and their food source.

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The Concept

Strategic, Self-Sustaining, Mixed-Use, Interventions, built within the flawed suburban fabric to positively affect the negative effects of suburban sprawl, and bring food & nature back to the people.

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The Process

Utilizing biotic mapping of combined consumption boundaries in dense suburban neighborhood clusters to identify prime locations for new AGrow-Urban Interventions.

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The Results

High density, low impact, sustainable, and biophilic architectural system capable of generating more than enough food for its own inhabitants and much of the surrounding area.

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| Food | Water | Nature | Power |

AGrow-Urbanism - Bringing food, water, nature, and power back to the people where they belong!

AGrow-Urbanism is the Future of Positive Sustainable Development

- Increased Pollution (less trees & vegetation)
- Traffic Congestion (more work commutes)
- Wildlife Habitat Loss (clear cutting forest)
- Heat Island Effect (dark roofs and concrete)
- Increased Flooding (impervious surfaces)
- Utility extensions (electrical, sewer & gas)
- Increased Obesity (less walking/more driving)
- Reduced Social Interaction (private yards & garages)
- Loss of Connection to Nature (deforestation)